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Curso Online

Business Communication

Learn from a qualified instructor and take the course from anywhere in the world!

Learn from your office in a group of up to 12 people at a time.

Improve your communication skills for your business so you can work with any English Speaker worldwide.

Course Specifics

Full Course: 12 weeks
+ full teacher support + exercises to develop skills between sessions

Introductory Course: 6 weeks
+ email support from teacher + exercises to develop skills between sessions

The students’ level should be intermediate or higher. (Contact us about working with lower level students)

The course has 1 two-hour in class session per week: 12 weeks = 12 two-hour sessions. (Same structure for the 6-week program) On top of that, students are given extra work and study to do in between classes.

They can choose to do the course as an Intensive program, which means they would have 2 two hour sessions per week. (Same price just more work for the students).

This is a certificate program and students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Technical Specifics:

– You must use wired Internet, not wireless.

– For best results you should purchase a HD web cam and a good quality external microphone.

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